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The Armenian Spread

Today on this 104th anniversary of the beginning of the massacre of the Armenians, forced out of their homes and into the desert, VisualNoiz...


The Armina Project

From 1991 to 2005 I sat down with my grandmother Armina with a video camera asking questions or simply flipping through photographs and reflecting....

A whole new VisualNoiz.TV 0

A whole new VisualNoiz.TV

The month we are moving our original content back to www.VisualNoiz.com and making www.VisualNoiz.TV a more open and social platform for others to post...

100 years 0

100 years

100 years ago it all started. My family’s journey from our homeland to America was not by choice. The 100 Year Project The 100...

Late 2012 Update

Late 2012 Update

Hey all, haven’t done a proper update in a while. I will soon be remastering the decade of music recordings I made with my...