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MP3 Download – The SLIP – Brooklyn Bowl NYC

The SLIP return! Set contains new songs so bear with me as I figure those out in the coming days. Broke the Promised Land [7 MB]The Soft Machine [9.7 MB]Take the Bus [4.5 MB]Airplane/Primitive [8 MB]Sometimes True to Nothing [9.7 MB]Motherwolf* [5.9 MB]Brand New Song!!* [5.4 MB]Another Brand New Song!!* [5.9 MB]WolofTrue Love Ain’t EnoughWeight […]

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Electric Six Brooklyn MP3s

Detroit boys the Electrix Six came to Music Hall in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn and invited me along to record them. Here’s the encore in MP3 format When I get to the Green BuildingDance EpidemicGay BarGermans in Mexico more to come!

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