Late 2012 Update

Hey all, haven’t done a proper update in a while.

I will soon be remastering the decade of music recordings I made with my TASCAM DAP1. I’ve bought a M-Audio C400 USB interface that will read S/PDIF. That means I can create WAV files that are exact clones of the source audio.

I will be posting tracks from the archives soon, expect some Sebadoh, Annie & The Beekeepers, Adem Tesfaye & Shamar Forté, Gordon Bennett and many more. It took me a long time to give up DAT which means I’ve got a lot of tapes to transfer. I figure it’s better to get through it all now than to find out I can’t access the tapes anymore due to non-functioning DAT decks. Everything has been working great so far, knock on wood! I’ve got recordings that go back to 2002 that capture the Detroit, Chicago and New York music scenes. Even a little Philadelphia and Connecticut for good measure.

I started writing a sequel to Two Chez earlier this year, but never finished that. I’ve been growing my hair out in anticipation of some flash back scenes so I’d better get motivated! Chris Boden and Darlene Bos have expressed interest in reprising their old roles. I would be focusing the story on the son of Chez.

I’ve also thought about bringing back the Donovan’s Travels idea. It would be a 3D piece, envisioned for Flash I always had issues trying to figure out camera moves and how to handle having the dogs-eye view always on-screen. 3D could make that happen! We shall see.

Besides that I’ve just been doing commercial work during the day, nothing exciting!

My favorite edit I’ve done lately is a music video for Shamar Forté called “Bright Lights” from his Fear of Failure EP.

Shamar Forté – “Bright Lights” Official Music Video from shamar forte on Vimeo.

Jason Roth has recently released a new animation, The Incredibly True History of America. Check that out here.

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