“Meet Shamar Forté” Edit

Dan did an edit for Shamar Forté, a 12-minute documentary we call “Meet Shamar Forté”

Check it out over on vimeo.

Meet Shamar Forté from shamar forte on Vimeo.

Shamar Forte – “Shamar and the Can Man of Greenpoint, Brooklyn”

Little teaser from the upcoming documentary “Meet Shamar Forté” edited by Dan Boujoulian.

Shamar Forté Echo Animated Lyrics

Made this for my friend Shamar, a karaoke video of sorts for his song Echo

The Numbers & Letters EP is now available at Amazon.com

Animated lyrics on Shamar Forté “Echo”

by Shamar Forte and New World Group

Animation by VisualNoiz

Free MP3s

My Heart (single) http://bit.ly/DownloadMyHeart

Numbers & Letters EP
– Echo http://bit.ly/EchoShamar
– Whatcha Gonna Do? http://bit.ly/DownloadWhatcha
– More of That http://bit.ly/DownloadMore
– Numbers & Letters http://bit.ly/DownloadNumbers
– Heartbreaker http://bit.ly/DownloadHeartbreaker
– Can’t Touch Me http://bit.ly/DownloadTouchMe
– If You Want Me http://bit.ly/DownloadWant

Designing for Shamar Forté

Working with Shamar on his new branding. Also cut together some footage of him at a photoshoot. Check out the YouTube goodness. Shamar is a wonderful soul singer and a good friend of mine, I met randomly a few years back waiting in line for an iPhone in SoHo, Manhattan. I lent him my comic books to read while we sat out front and we have been friends ever since.