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Too Dead To Die to play at Wealthy Theatre, Grand Rapids

The legendary Grand Rapids independent horror/comedy! 13 years in the making!

Starring most of West Michigan (and some of the East!) TOO DEAD TO DIE is a kick-your-guts-out horror holocaust! Lowlife mobsters battle the living dead! Who wins? The audience!!!


Made for a budget that wouldn’t cater one hour of a Michael Bay film! Filmed years before the zombie craze began, TDTD blends the feel of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead with film noir, Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films, and adds a dash of rockabilly.

Featuring music from The Concussions, Dangerville, Mick Nasty and The Confessionals, and The Walking Corpses!

Not to be missed!

Advance tickets: $8.00
Day of Event: $10.00
CMC Members advance $7.00
CMC Members Day of Event: $8.00

Advance tickets may be purchased at this link:

Descent (16mm)

Quicktime MOV Download

By Mike Kerr and Dan Boujoulian

Based on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of The House of Usher, this 16mm film was shown with orchestal accomapanyment performing Phillip Glass originals.
This 1999 version is Mike Kerr’s non-linear re-edit of our 1998 16mm Film Production project.

Caesar Cuellar as Roderick Usher
Autumn Barr as Madelyne Usher

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Washed It All Away (SVHS)

Washed It All Away is a SVHS video created for Deanna Morse’s Film/Video Art class.
[Read more about Washed It All Away on the Tres Cojones webpage]

This is a 1999 re-edit I made instead of doing the tutorial for the Media 100.
I always learn better by doing my own thing instead of what the BOOK says I should do.

on Vimeo

Washed It All Away from Dan Boujoulian on Vimeo.


Quicktime Download
Washed It All Away (1998)