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Shamar Forté – Bright Lights video

Directed by Dallas J Logan, edited by Dan Boujoulian. Shamar Forté’s Bright Lights is a trippy visual journey.

Take it with you,

or watch on Vimeo

Shamar Forté – “Bright Lights” Official Music Video from shamar forte on Vimeo.

Free MP3 download – Rock Rebel Rising @ Arlene’s Grocery, Manhattan NYC

Rock Rebel Rising captivated the crowd at Arlene’s Grocery tonight. Dy’ari came through with another stunning performance. Backed by his amazing band of rebels, these guys never disappoint.

Download 15 Minutes in the Spotlight [7MB]
Shine [7.2MB]
Parting the Waters [5.2MB]
Beautiful Darkness [5.1MB]
Deliverance [5.8MB]
or Go Asshole Go [9.8MB] from this live performance.

Full Setlist: Beginning of the End, Bow Your Head, 15 Minutes in the Spotlight, Shine, Parting the Waters, Beautiful Darkness, Deliverance, Go Asshole Go!

Christine Hoberg – Sometimes music video released

11.11.11 brings the release of Moonlight Never Shined So Bright by Christine Hoberg.

To celebrate, she asked me to help create a video for Sometimes, I had the privilege of being the editor and sometimes cameraman.

Free iPod friendly video here.

Zander Bleck – Mercury Lounge Free MP3 Download

Zander Bleck leads a charmed “sexy life.” His rock n roll is in your face, perhaps even trying to get in your pants. With tracks like “Take It Away” and “Find You Again” it’s clear that Zander has got something the music scene hasn’t experienced yet.

Joined by guitar god Mark Williams, The Pocono Prodigy; here they are at the Mercury Lounge in Manhattan.

The addition of Mark adds his distinctive flavor of soul which accentuates Zander’s energy in a genre defying effort with an LP release pending soon, this will be something to take New York by storm . I can’t wait to see where they take us next.

Check out the news about the upcoming album at

Zander pays homage to Led Zeppelin with Good Times, Bad Times [4.5MB] live at the Mercury Lounge in Lower Manhattan.

MP3 Download Meowskers Brooklyn New York

Live MP3 Free Downloads

Union Hall Park Slope Brooklyn NYC

Silent Alarm OFFLINE
New Years Day 2072 OFFLINE
Kilimanjaro OFFLINE
Worst Thing in Heaven OFFLINE
Blood Intended

Treaty of Paris – Hello Nurse Acoustic Performance Backstage at Metro, Chicago

Mike Chorvat and Dan Wade from Treaty of Paris perform Hello Nurse Acoustically, Backstage at Metro, Chicago.

MP3 Download

Hello Nurse (Acoustic)

MP3 Download – Hushdrops – Hideout Chicago – Treehouse Benefit

MP3 Download – 2005 Treehouse Animal Shelter Benefit @ The Hideout, Chicago

Pet Sounds (Beach Boys Cover) [7 MB]

Little Bird [10 MB]

MP3 Download – Old Dog – Hideout Chicago – Treehouse Benefit

MP3 Download – 2005 Treehouse Animal Shelter Benefit @ The Hideout, Chicago

1977 Love 5.6 MB
Screaming ‘Till Someone Hears 6 MB
Gone Are The Days 6.1 MB

I went out to Chicago to see my good friend Oliver Davidson play for the benefit he was putting on. He was upset that he was losing his voice but as always THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

MP3 Download – Darren Spitzer – Hideout Chicago – Treehouse Benefit

MP3 Download – 2005 Treehouse Animal Shelter Benefit @ The Hideout, Chicago

Darren Spitzer of The Changes

Roxanne > There You Go > Cold Cold Heart 14 MB

Darren covers the Police, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams in one swoop.

MP3 Download – Bulldog @ Paychecks Lounge – 2005 Hamtramck Blowout Bash

Bulldog MP3 Download
Recorded live at Paychecks lounge during the 2005 Hamtramck Blowout

100 Years from Now (Gram Parsons Cover) [3 MB]

Sister Satellite Transmission [6 MB]

I Can See You [4.4MB]

Index of MP3s from 2005 Hamtramck Blowout