PSYOP + Esquire

Helped out PSYOP’s AE guys for a few days by doing rotoscoping and pulling keys on the Esquire “Gator Joke” piece on Esquire’s Augmented Reality issue directed by Eben Mears.

To see it you have to buy the December 2009 Esquire and hold it up to a webcam and the magazine comes to life.

To see the Gator one you have to do it after midnight, it’s the special “dirty” joke and doesn’t work before midnight.


The Low Anthem // VisualNoiz video on

I sat down with The Low Anthem one day and shot To the Ghosts Who Write History Books and edited it with the newfangled Smoke-ish timeline in Flame

The band had Rolling Stone use this video during an interview for the Breaking section of the website.

Check it out at

The Low Anthem – PSYOP Basement Psyessions

The Low Anthem sat down with me in the basement at PSYOP.

Alana Sweetwater iPod/iPhone Videos – Roofdeck Psyessions @ PSYOP

Feed your iPod video of Alana singing on the Roofdeck Psyessions @ PSYOP

All About Me iPod Video
Come and Gone iPod Video

See the videos on YouTube

Alana Sweetwater – Roofdeck Psyessions @ PSYOP

Come and Gone by Alana Sweetwater

Psyop Desktop Background – MTV Crow

One of the wonderful things about taking a job at a place you are a fan of is one day someone will need one of your favorite animations and it will be your job to sift through the archives

Web compression doesn’t do this justice but it’s still amazing… I am still in awe I got a job here.

[Desktop Background 1] [Desktop Background 2]

Check out this video: Crow MTV HD


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