Too Dead To Die to play at Wealthy Theatre, Grand Rapids

The legendary Grand Rapids independent horror/comedy! 13 years in the making!

Starring most of West Michigan (and some of the East!) TOO DEAD TO DIE is a kick-your-guts-out horror holocaust! Lowlife mobsters battle the living dead! Who wins? The audience!!!


Made for a budget that wouldn’t cater one hour of a Michael Bay film! Filmed years before the zombie craze began, TDTD blends the feel of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead with film noir, Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films, and adds a dash of rockabilly.

Featuring music from The Concussions, Dangerville, Mick Nasty and The Confessionals, and The Walking Corpses!

Not to be missed!

Advance tickets: $8.00
Day of Event: $10.00
CMC Members advance $7.00
CMC Members Day of Event: $8.00

Advance tickets may be purchased at this link:

New Jason Roth piece! The Incredibly True History of America

Jason has released a new work The Incredibly True History of America

In this first installment of The Incredibly True History of America, witness the REAL TRUTH about Paul Revere’s fateful ride! Written and animated by Jason Roth and Leah Vukovich. Narrated by Jason Roth. Voices of Paul Revere & The Mariachi by Jacob de la Rosa. And introducing The Chupacabra as itself.


Sticky Fingers Fundraiser at indiegogo
You should click that link right now.


Sticky Fingers Kickstarter

Jason Roth has begun fundraising efforts over at Kickstarter for STICKY FINGERS; THE MOVIE. Check it out here.

Sticky Fingers stars legendary and bargain basement names like Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, Larry Kaufman, Dan Boujoulian and more!

Jason Roth’s Sticky Fingers will feature LLoyd Kaufman

It can be revealed: independent filmmaking madman & head honcho of Troma Entertianment LLOYD KAUFMAN has joined the cast of STICKY FINGERS:THE MOVIE! Lloyd will portray “The Prisoner!”


Announcing Obscuro Appreciato

According to the ill-informed Madonna Magazine…Stay tuned for Mr. Chump goes Berzerk and The Guy Saga, coming soon…. In addition to bastardizing the names of our flicks, they also know how to horribly mis-pronounce VisualNoiz. (they say Noiz like the oi in Noir Leather.)

There is a new segment on Obscuro Appreciato
It is the place for us to have a weekly toast to cinematic geniuses of the past.
Check It Out

Our first homage is to Batman’s Bob the Goon, Tracey Walter, we tip our hats to you. Read more on the Obscuro Page!