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Knockout Kings (Prod. by: 82Fresh)

Preparing to release his mixtape “Prerequisite To Power” on 3/13/12, Detroit Hip-Hop artist 82Fresh released the 1st leak today @ 3:13pm EST called “Knockout Kings”. Links with downloads listed below…

Washed It All Away (SVHS)

Washed It All Away is a SVHS video created for Deanna Morse’s Film/Video Art class.
[Read more about Washed It All Away on the Tres Cojones webpage]

This is a 1999 re-edit I made instead of doing the tutorial for the Media 100.
I always learn better by doing my own thing instead of what the BOOK says I should do.

on Vimeo

Washed It All Away from Dan Boujoulian on Vimeo.


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Washed It All Away (1998)