more 2006 Hamtramck Blowout music coming soon

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Queen Bee
The Nice Device
American Mars
Mod Orange
Coke Dick Motorcyle Awesome
The Hard Lessons
The Strange
The Vamps
Grande Nationals
Lucas (The Brett Lucas Band)

probably a few more.. I forget.. Check back on Tuesday

The Hard Lessons at Knights of Columbus Hall 2006 Hamtramck Blowout

How It Is With Me > Milk and Sugar > Allright [11.5MB]

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The Strange @ Carbon Lounge 2006 Hamtramck Blowout MP3s

Just You And I [3.4]
Texas [9.4MB]
Encore 1 – Crawl [9 MB]

Don’t Pass Me By
[4 MB]

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The Grande Nationals @ Smalls – 2006 Hamtramck Blowout

Live MP3 Downloads of Detroit favorites The Grande Nationals performing at Smalls for the 2006 Hamtramck Blowout.

Third Strike [12 MB] OFFLINE
Ypsilanto Jaxxy [7 MB] OFFLINE
The Inevitable [7.2MB] OFFLINE
The Boa Constrictor [6 MB] OFFLINE
Dick Armys Last Stand [8 MB] OFFLINE

Lucas at Carbon Lounge – 2006 Hamtramck Blowout

MP3 Download

Lucas (The Brett Lucas Band)

Live @ Carbon Lounge

Forevermore [11MB]
Brett’s Lament (You’re Just My Friend) [15 MB]

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Porchsleeper @ Painted Lady 2006 Hamtramck Blowout MP3s

Porchsleeper @ Painted Lady [7MB]

2006 Hamtramck Blowout

[Blowout MP3 index: 2005

Broadzilla @ Smalls – 2006 Hamtramck Blowout

Bone To Pick [5MB]

Lovechild (Supremes Cover) [4MB]

Bondage Boy > Creeping [7MB]

Hellbound [5MB]

Balls (AC/DC Cover) [3MB]

[Blowout MP3 index: 20052006]

Chapstik @ Jeans – 2006 Hamtramck Blowout

Slo OJ > Retrocution [16MB]

Twat’s It To Ya? [5MB]

[Blowout MP3 index: 2005

MP3 Download – The Hard Lessons- Hamtramck Belmont – TasteFest Afterparty

Feedback Loop> Feel Allright [10.4 MB]
I Can’t Stand It [2.4 MB]
How It Is With Me [2.6 MB]
Gin’s Freestyle > Fit To Love You [5.2 MB]
Come Back To Me [8.7 MB]
Dance Commander (Electric Six) Tease > Inspired/Admired [2.9 MB]
Stop! Stop! Stop! [3.2 MB] (Tripped out, Hopped up, Countryfied similar to Erik Estrada Blues Enchilada version)

MP3 Download – Johnny Headband – Hamtramck Belmont – TasteFest Afterparty

Let’s Go To Dinner[8.4 MB]
Disco Inferno (Electric Six Cover)[6 MB]
** With Gin & The Anvil from The Hard Lessons **
Maneater (Hall & Oates Cover)[4.4 MB]
** With Gin & The Anvil from The Hard Lessons **