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Knockout Kings (Prod. by: 82Fresh)

Preparing to release his mixtape “Prerequisite To Power” on 3/13/12, Detroit Hip-Hop artist 82Fresh released the 1st leak today @ 3:13pm EST called “Knockout Kings”. Links with downloads listed below…

Christine Hoberg at BOA NYC

Caught Christine Hoberg in the East Village doing a set at BOA (BarOnA)


Detroit Crunkstars @ 5th Avenue Detroit

MP3 Download

Detroit Crunkstars – 5th Ave Detroit, MI (Comerica Park)

Fleetwood > Drink Beer [24 MB] OFFLINE

Fuked Up [8 MB]

Dawg [13 MB] OFFLINE

Hipo > Stranglehold > Soup [22 MB] OFFLINE

MP3 Download – Gordon Bennett – Dan’s Birthday on 8/21

Gordon Bennett Live at the Magic Stick 8/21/04

Thunderstruck>Day In The Decade
Sweet Sixteen
Transaction Time
Whipping Post Jam>Survival
Happy Birthday Dan! > Molly Molly > Star-Spangled Bannner>Only Can Say

Can we out-do Dan’s Birthday last year?

See 2004 style pics

Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Commander. (An Emo-Core mp3 download)

MP3 Download – Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Commander
D0Cs birthday party Greektown / Detroit,MI
D0C is Drunk (1.3MB)

Homeless Dance With Shoes On (7.6MB)

Mascara,Goodbye Highway (6.6MB) OFFLINE
Daughter Dolcia & Her Heart Attack(16.1MB) OFFLINE