Happy Thanksgiving from VisualNoiz

T. Hanks to One and All this Thanksgiving! joevolcano_thanks

Dan Boujoulian joins Goodpenny, AWAKEN released

Dan Boujoulian has joined the team over at Goodpenny in Manhattan.

A week before officially beginning at GP, Bruce Ashley and Dan got a Smoke on Mac going and so began a few weeks of working with Cameron Michael on AWAKEN.

It’s a staff pick on Vimeo with 20K hits in the first day.

AWAKEN from Cameron Michael on Vimeo.

Doing Flame work and Coloring with Cameron, AWAKEN was presented to a standing ovation crowd in Florida.

still from STAFF PICK of AWAKEN on vimeo

still from STAFF PICK of AWAKEN on vimeo

Pickles burrows into the couch

One of my photographs is going viral over on buzzfeed, used in an article called “28 Dogs That Know Exactly How You Feel This Morning.” My photo is #5.

I took a shot of Pickles while working in a flame suite at Peepshow Post last year, I popped it onto reddit and from there it’s been reposted many times.

**update 9pm – Huffington Post has now joined in the fray. **


Pickles burrows into the couch

Old School Dan High School Video

a March 1993 Dan piece for the Blue & White newspaper, Amiga Toaster VHS master.

Blue & White Type & Bugle Boy Jeans Parody

Obscuro Appreciato – Artist Armen Mirzaian RIP

RIP Armen Mirzaian, artist for Hasbro, formerly also of Cartoon Network, Walt Disney and other endeavors.

VisualNoiz supports Eric Rosner kickstarter project “Gilded Age of Manhattan art. 1880-1910”

I have been a big fan of Eric Rosner since I first came across him a couple of years ago.

He has a kickstarter going on, check him out.

Gilded Age of Manhattan art. 1880-1910
Eric writes;

“During the period of 1880-1910 known as the Gilded Age, New York City had become the city of the future. Industry, commerce, architecture and entertainment were just a few of the strongholds that Manhattan could boast about. There had never been a city like New York. Dreams were born and created here and anything was possible.

My main focus is on a small stretch of streets between 34th and 23rd, South of Broadway. It’s an epic location. Vaudeville, Edison, Tesla, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Houdini, Tin Pan Alley, the birth of film and Madison Square Garden is just a brief list of the significance of the area. I’m really drawn to the history of New York City, I find NYC such a unique location and the cross over city towards the modern world.”

Too Dead To Die to play at Wealthy Theatre, Grand Rapids

The legendary Grand Rapids independent horror/comedy! 13 years in the making!

Starring most of West Michigan (and some of the East!) TOO DEAD TO DIE is a kick-your-guts-out horror holocaust! Lowlife mobsters battle the living dead! Who wins? The audience!!!


Made for a budget that wouldn’t cater one hour of a Michael Bay film! Filmed years before the zombie craze began, TDTD blends the feel of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead with film noir, Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead films, and adds a dash of rockabilly.

Featuring music from The Concussions, Dangerville, Mick Nasty and The Confessionals, and The Walking Corpses!

Not to be missed!

Advance tickets: $8.00
Day of Event: $10.00
CMC Members advance $7.00
CMC Members Day of Event: $8.00

Advance tickets may be purchased at this link:

Late 2012 Update

Hey all, haven’t done a proper update in a while.

I will soon be remastering the decade of music recordings I made with my TASCAM DAP1. I’ve bought a M-Audio C400 USB interface that will read S/PDIF. That means I can create WAV files that are exact clones of the source audio.

I will be posting tracks from the archives soon, expect some Sebadoh, Annie & The Beekeepers, Adem Tesfaye & Shamar Forté, Gordon Bennett and many more. It took me a long time to give up DAT which means I’ve got a lot of tapes to transfer. I figure it’s better to get through it all now than to find out I can’t access the tapes anymore due to non-functioning DAT decks. Everything has been working great so far, knock on wood! I’ve got recordings that go back to 2002 that capture the Detroit, Chicago and New York music scenes. Even a little Philadelphia and Connecticut for good measure.

I started writing a sequel to Two Chez earlier this year, but never finished that. I’ve been growing my hair out in anticipation of some flash back scenes so I’d better get motivated! Chris Boden and Darlene Bos have expressed interest in reprising their old roles. I would be focusing the story on the son of Chez.

I’ve also thought about bringing back the Donovan’s Travels idea. It would be a 3D piece, envisioned for Flash I always had issues trying to figure out camera moves and how to handle having the dogs-eye view always on-screen. 3D could make that happen! We shall see.

Besides that I’ve just been doing commercial work during the day, nothing exciting!

My favorite edit I’ve done lately is a music video for Shamar Forté called “Bright Lights” from his Fear of Failure EP.

Shamar Forté – “Bright Lights” Official Music Video from shamar forte on Vimeo.

Jason Roth has recently released a new animation, The Incredibly True History of America. Check that out here.

New Jason Roth piece! The Incredibly True History of America

Jason has released a new work The Incredibly True History of America

In this first installment of The Incredibly True History of America, witness the REAL TRUTH about Paul Revere’s fateful ride! Written and animated by Jason Roth and Leah Vukovich. Narrated by Jason Roth. Voices of Paul Revere & The Mariachi by Jacob de la Rosa. And introducing The Chupacabra as itself.

Shamar Forté – Bright Lights video

Directed by Dallas J Logan and New World Group, edited by Dan Boujoulian.
Shamar Forté’s Bright Lights is a trippy visual journey.

watch on Vimeo

Shamar Forté – “Bright Lights” Official Music Video from shamar forte on Vimeo.