Jack Hill

This month’s Obscuro Appreciato salutes overlooked master writer/director Jack Hill. He emerged from the Roger Corman stable of talent along with the likes of Francis Ford Coppola, Jonathan Demme,
and Jack Nicholson. Hill may be lesser known than these names, but his solid track record of entertaining films stands up to any of them. Hill’s movies transcend their exploitation roots and are entertaining on a level all their own.

He kickstarted the careers of Pam Grier and cult favorite Sid Haig (also enjoying a career renaissance as Rob Zombie’s Captain Spaulding.) Listen to any one of his DVD commentaries and you’ll get a master class in quality low-budget filmmaking. And he penned the line “You wanna spit on me and make me crawl? I’m gonna piss on your grave tomorrow!” Gold.

Must see Jack Hill films include Spider Baby (just rereleased on DVD, see link HERE), Coffy, and the incredible Switchblade Sisters. Hill is currently at work on new projects, check his myspace page and website.

Visualnoiz salutes you, Jack Hill!!!

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