It’s Cold Outside…

Winter is upon us which always leads to the philosophical questioning of what have we done with our year.

Too Dead To Die is still in post-production but will be hitting the festivals soon enough.

Jason is shifting into high gear, putting those finishing touches on his work.

Dan is in a whole new environment, living in Chicago, still working in advertising and very eager to get involved in the local scene.

We are looking forward to next year and the new opportunities that will be upon us. We are also re-visiting some old unfinished works and will be putting a glossy finish on them when they are complete.

Upcoming projects to be released:

Too Dead To Die – February 2007
**SECRET POLITICAL ANIMATION** – March 2007 (w/ audio by D0C of Focus Media)

Upcoming projects in production:
Bad Day (animation)
Ones and Zeroes (live action)
plus other exciting stuff there aren’t much details on, but stay tuned I promise you won’t be disappointed with 2007.

The website is still in a state of flux, many images and other multimedia may be missing, please bear with us as we re-create everything lost in the recent server crash and make your web-using experience something you would love to write home to mom about.

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