may video shoot

Last night I helped my boy Gabriel with a video shoot to be broadcast on the monitors at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival – Fuse-In / Movement.. whatever they call it now.

We had 3 different girls doing poses and dancing around the 4th floor of our building. The outlines of the girls will be used in a video mixer to have a tripped out effects that go to the music.

We had a blast, it was the easiest setup. I love his camera, he’s got the Canon XL2.

The girls we great, all were dressed very stylish and had the moves to make your jaw drop. Thanks for the help Sprockethole, Lily and Sarah.

I am going to use the footage myself ,I have to show the boss my editing skills so I have to come up with something to edit to. I’ll probably write some interesting dialogue and have the girls talking and cut it together some way.

I will write that piece some time this week and then shortly after that Gabriel wants me to write a script for an idea he wants to do. I want to star in it because its going to be a bizarre drug-induced philosophical comedy we are tentatively calling The Electro-Future-Pop-Disco-Cafe-On-Ice

August marks the 3rd anniversary of so I want to come up with at least 3 things to unveil on the website by then.

Can I do more this summer than I’ve done in the past 2 years? I think so.

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