Costume Peeps Help Bethany!

No real VisualNoiz news right now.

We are easing out of the Winter Blahs and getting motivated for those summer months which are the best time to shoot in Michigan.

There shall be new multimedia coming soon, we’re entering social hibernation to get some stuff done.

This purpose of this message is a call out for any costume creation inclined folks that could help out the talented Bethany, who needs some interns. She’s a fabulous person and will teach you a ton in return for your help.

I throw you over to her now…

—————– Bulletin Message —————–
From: Cyberoptix
Date: Apr 9, 2005 6:26 PM

Reply to:
Subject: (media jobs) costume design intern/assistant for feature film
IN SEARCH OF INTERN/ASSISTANT. UNPAID, (but awesome. really. for real.)

genre: sci-fi/cyberpunk DNA hacking awesomeness!
title: the gene generation –
needs: to assist the costume designer in stitching, cutting patternmaking, bonding recyled rubber.
compensation: IMDb listing, a LOT of experience in crunch-time feature film costume design

i am doing much of the work in butyl rubber (recycled inner tube rubber). i am going to be gluing most of it and making a fabric backed “fabric” out of small lengths of it to make a larger swath.

i’m looking for an assistant/intern to do some work – unfortunately since i am hardly getting paid jack to do this, i can’t pay much if anything, i WILL be getting IMDB listing on this, it is a full feature film, if you are interested in helping out at all, my team would also get listing…i don’t know if this is important to you at all, but it kind of is for me since i am looking to go fully into movie/music video costuming and not ready-to-wear at all … so if you know anyone who would be interested in sewing/casting/playing with lots of bits of rubber and rubberized firehose…let me know. i’m sure this could apply to school credit – you WILL be learing a lot and having fun. due to the immediate crunch-time nature of this, those with some existing skills preferred. production will occur from now til the first or second week of May when i fly with the costumes to Tucson AZ where the film is being shot to do the final work on them, and hope to all heck they fit. 😉

the FX Supervisor i will be working with out west with has worked on such films as The Passion of the Christ, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Van Helsing, Blade II, A Beautiful Mind, Bulletproof Monk, and Hannibal, among others. so you will be in quite good company! although there are big names here, there is NOT big money on this film…it is destined to be a cult classic rather than a hollywood blockbuster – i wish i could do more than offer “experience” for your help…but this will be really damn cool experience. 😉

i’m also going to need someone w/ straight up sewing skills too as 4 out of 5 costumes are for men so i will need someone good with pants…

15 (5/multiples of 3) costumes in 3 weeks… 😉

anyway, please email w/ brief resume if you want to apply, i will be looking over potential people from multiple sources in the next week.

thank you,

Bethany Shorb – Cyberoptix, owner/principal designer
located in eastern market, detroit, MI

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