The Genius of Zach Braff


This month we salute Zach Braff, upon the DVD release of his feature film directorial debut, Garden State. Zach is best known for being in the cast of the TV show Scrubs, but he’s showing the world he is much more than on-screen talent.

Garden State is the best romantic comedy I’ve seen since Annie Hall. It’s exactly the kind of movie I’ve always wanted to make myself. It’s funny, charming, romantic, insightful and fresh. The on-screen talent work amazingly well together. The small details take it a step further.

If I had read the script to this film I would have quit my job for the chance to help make it happen.

This movie said so many things I’ve been thinking in recent years but could never quite put into words or realize to the extent that they were verbalized in the movie. Zach Braff is a genius. I am seriously going to watch this movie every day for the next month.

When I first saw it, I hated the ending… but now I think it fits… If you’ve seen it i’ll tell you why but I won’t ruin it for everyone else.

If I could change anything I would add one more shot at the end… but that’s it.

The rest is a masterpiece.

Don’t rent it… just go buy it… I’ll cover your expense if you don’t like it, but you have to give the DVD to someone who’s never seen it. *


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* Void where prohibited. Offer not available in all areas. Not applicable to people that didn’t like Annie Hall. Limited time offer. Not all who apply for re-imbursement will be accepted.

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