Nick Valenti /RIP Jim O’Dea / Chris Wirth / Justin Miller / Robert Rodriguez / Deanna Morse / Ray & Jean Boujoulian

VisualNoiz salutes Photographer extraordinaire Nick Valenti.

Nick was my photos professor at OCC. It was in those final days of obtaining an Associates Degree that I realized what I really wanted to with my life. (i.e. what I would study at a university.)

True, the seed of my love for visual entertainment was first planted when I saw Back To The Future at the age of 9, but it was Nick that gave that seed the water of knowledge to grow into a passion that would lead to my love for the long hours of staring at film as celluloid or digitally represented on a computer screen.

Nicks page about the OCC Orchard Ridge – Fine and Performing Arts Department

Honorable Mention – I would not be where I am today, nor get to where I will be tomorrow without these folks who shared the knowledge of light reacting with lenses and celluloid, tricking the human eye into thinking a sequence of still images is moving. Here is a shout out to the future Obscuro Appreciato peeps who also shaped my film career:

Jim O’Dea (RIP)- Directing each shot as its own masterpiece

Chris Wirth – Animating, remaining positive in unpositive experiences & t-crossing, i-dotting.

Justin Miller – Video Editing lessons circa 1993

Robert Rodriguez – Budget Filmmaking for the real world

Deanna Morse – Using film as an expressable Artform

Ray & Jean Boujoulian – Supporting me during the study of the ever-flaky Liberal Arts.

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