Jason Roths of the World

This Obscuro Appreciato is a strange one. We honor Jason Roth.

Not OUR Jason Roth, different Jason Roth’s.

#1 – This Jason Roth is from California, but don’t hold that against him. He animated “My Pinkie” in 3D and it turned out very cool. We all know our Jason Roth is a drawn character animator would never do 3D, so its a good thing that this Jason Roth works in 3D so no one will ever confuse the two. He now runs a tech company.

Watch Jason Roth’s “My Pinkie” Here

#2 – This Jason Roth hails from Oswego. I don’t know where that is but I think Phish plays concerts there. Jason does Flash animation and creates artwork. See his bio here Jason is a high school honor student, so you gotta give him props for that!

#3 – This Jason Roth is a writer and is the editor of SaveTheHumans.com you can read The Right Not To Vote at Capitalism Magazine SaveTheHumans.com is like a competitor of ItWillFail.com but we won’t hold a grudge, I promise.

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