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The Armenian Spread

Today on this 104th anniversary of the beginning of the massacre of the Armenians, forced out of their homes and into the desert, VisualNoiz TV LLC announces the title of a documentary telling the story of the Boujoulian Gedikian Yazejian families of Adapazar & Bardizag, Ottoman Empire. The Armenian Spread will follow the escape of […]

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The Armina Project

From 1991 to 2005 I sat down with my grandmother Armina with a video camera asking questions or simply flipping through photographs and reflecting. Most of the footage is intended for family only, but there are going to be many public releases from this project on the Bojo History YouTube Channel Armina and Doris in […]

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Eliza Neals – Free MP3 Download – The Bitter End, Greenwich Village NYC

Detroit diva Eliza Neals captivated those at The Bitter End. Her unique modern rock approach creates a new motown sound that clearly has some southern roots. Here she is with I’m the Girl [6.2MB] and Southern Comfort. [7.2MB] SetlistRight Hand Man, Never Gonna, Gimme Shelter, Raining, Misery, Thrill Is Gone, Love Hurts More, I’m the […]

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