New Videos Cometh

This week VisualNoiz will release a new set of videos to MySpace video and YouTube.

Alison Lewis (of Detroit’s critically acclaimed Twilight Babies) sat down with us for a special acoustic session at the HO9. Peter Pan and Kitchen will be the first 2 releases from those sessions. The remaining songs will be exclusive content for

Marvin The Robot of Columbus, OH came to town for the same reason. He sat down with us and we will be releasing A Priest And A Rabbi, and Skynyrd Song later this week for the internet masses to eat up. Also, at a later time the remaining songs, such as Huckleberry Friend, will be exclusive content for

Also online this weekend will be a Marvin The Robot music video for Fear & Loathing in Los Angeles. This will be the “raw” version, and at a later date this year we will release a second version with some animations and other visual enhancements in it.

For more information on these artists, check out their myspaces, and The videos will also be on the VisualNoiz MySpace at

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