John Montgomery &

John Montgomery and his crew are doing some amazing things for up and coming animators, FX artists, editors, etc. If you are involved in film/video post production and haven’t seen you need to check it out.

For a reasonable price they give you online courses in various software. You watch a weekly quicktime, do homework and participate in message forums with students and professors.

Every week the quicktime is created just for your class, so any questions or problems in the forums will be addressed by the professor the next week. It’s very interactive and the results are as good as the time you put into it.

It makes the worldwide classroom into that small “global village” that Marshall McLuhan spoke of ages ago. Professors are always availble to you online because they are always awake somewhere. If it’s 4am in Detroit, someone in Australia is available to help you out.

You get a lot of knowledge for relatively little money. Take your skills to the level they belong and join today.

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