Lloyd Kaufman & Troma Studios

Our November Obscuro salute goes out to Lloyd Kaufman, founder of the legendary Troma Studios. Lloyd has been keeping the spirit of independent film alive for decades. Some people think that independent film means stuff from studios like Miramax or Lion’s Gate. News Flash: THAT AIN’T INDIE!! True indies don’t a have a studio bankroll, fancy catering, or sometimes even a proper crew. They get made due to blood, sweat, tears, (and occasionally other bodily fluids best not discussed), and most of all the dedication, ingenuity, and hard work of everyone involved.

Lloyd has stayed true to his indie roots through thick and thin. With THE TOXIC AVENGER, he pretty much single-handedly created the Gore/Comedy film, paving the way for Sam Raimi’s EVIL DEAD sequels and the early films of Peter Jackson. Visualnoiz’s own TOO DEAD TO DIE definitely falls into this category, so we owe Lloyd as much as anyone.

The newest film from Troma is the chicken zombie/gore/comedy/musical POULTRYGEIST, just in time for Thanksgiving! Friend the myspace site, check out trailer clips on youtube, and Troma’s own website. This film needs your support. Without grassroots promotional efforts, Troma Studios will fold up shop and we’ll be stuck with nothing but bland-ass bid studio “films” to watch. And who the hell wants that???!! If you have an indie arthouse theater near you, encourage them to show POULTRYGEIST.

Lloyd Kaufman, we at Visualnoiz salute (and support) you!!!

JASON ROTH signin’ off!

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