RIP Richard Fleischer & Dan Curtis

This week we’ve lost two of the greats.

Richard Fleischer, son of famous animator & Disney rival Max Fleischer. Richard directed 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Fantastic Voyage, Soylent Green, The Narrow Margin, The Vikings, The Boston Strangler, Mr Majestyk, The Don is Dead, Tora Tora Tora, Dr. Dolittle, and even Conan the Destroyer. He made just about every kind of film imaginable, and did them all well. Be sure to read his excellent autobiography “Just Tell Me When to Cry.”

Dan Curtis, pioneer of TV horror and adventure shows. Curtis created Kolchak The Night Stalker and directed the first 2 TV movies with the character, created the long-running Dark Shadows series, The Norliss Tapes, the very creepy Burnt Offerings, the ’90s alien miniseries Intruders (which scared the hell out of me!), and everyone’s favorite Trilogy of Terror-which features the creepy little Zuni fetish doll stalking Karen Black.

Both creators will be missed.

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