When VisualNoiz was just a twinkle in the eye of a time travelling hero

As we are entering our 7th year of friendship I have a treat for you all.

I think this very well may be the first electronic correspondence between Jason Roth and Dan Boujoulian.

It was January 1998 when I saw e-mail headers containing the e-mail address of Jason Roth, I had visited him a few times while he was editing Time Guy. He blew me away with his artistic use of audio and editing pace.

The e-mail name said Bojo the Angry Guatemalan! when I looked it up and I wasn’t even sure it was the right person. I sent the e-mail anyway.

On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Daniel J Boujoulian wrote:

Hi Bojo… is this Jason Roth? I had to leave before I got to see Time Guy ][, but I hear it wasn’t fully edited anyways, so when it’s all set let me know because i want to watch.


On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Jason R Roth wrote:

Yeah it’s Jason Roth.
Sorry I took so long to answer this.
When I showed TG2 it wasn’t totally finished and was was missing almost all sounds and music- it still went over pretty well, which was encouraging. I’ll be having a showing of the first one along with this new sequel in Room 174 in a week or two along with a few other people’s stuff.

I’ll send out a mass Email when I know the date, plus I’ll try to put up posters in visible places.

Jason Roth

… and thus destiny would bring us to the present

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