For Geeks and Nerds only.

This annoucement is for the geeks and nerds only.

If you don’t own an iPod or a PDA you can move on to the next message in your inbox.

VisualNoiz is now providing an Atom XML feed for the news section.

The XML link is

For those of you with an iPod and Pod2Go software, you can subscribe via the news section by selecting custom and typing in the XML URL.

If you have a PDA, it would love to know what’s happening with VisualNoiz, use your PDA software to grab a feed from the XML URL.

This will not mirror all announcements from the yahoo group fanclub newsletter, as the newsletter also sends out Obscuro Appreciato and Danimatian news.

If you are finding yourself wanting more, feel free to contact Dan or Jason and demand feeds for Obscuro Appreciato, Too Dead To Die News, Danimatian News or even Works In Progress.

Thank you, NERDS!


(a geek not a nerd)

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