Autumn Equinox news from Dan & Jason

Summer fun is officially over. Wednesday marks the Autumn Equinox. Let’s brace for the coming cold months and the impending Detroit Autoshow deadline.

We are happy to announce that Jason is REALLY wrapping up Too Dead To Die. Now I know if you look thru the news archives you’ll see that we have said this before, but this time, we really mean it.

IN NOVEMBER, TOO DEAD TO DIE WILL BE “IN THE CAN.” Don’t pester me by saying that MinDV doesn’t go in a film reel can. Expect a Grand Rapids and Detroit public viewing before the end of winter. The first version of TDTD will be Jason’s stereo edit, and after some time off for R&R we will begin mixing a 5.1 surround sound mix for a Halloween 2005 DVD release.

Jason just bought his first Macintosh, so you can expect some new animations and a new website before Springtime.

Dan is about to spend days and nights helping visual effects artists and animators create the Ford videos for the 2005 North American International Autoshow in Detroit.

Hopefully before the blitzkeig that is autoshow season, we will post a new rough edit of Bad Day Check out the latest audio mix for Bad Day in the Works section of

Before signing off I wanna say… I love repeating this because I swear to Kubrick it’s true… TOO DEAD TO DIE IS ALMOST DONE!!!!!

If you’re on MySpace, check out the TDTD Profile at

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