Rob Schrab

VisualNoiz salutes multimedia wunderkind Rob Schrab.

Schrab is the twisted genius behind the infamous comic series SCUD: The Disposable Assassin. Scud was a beacon of light in those dark high school years. The series followed the adventures of a robot assassin born of a vending machine. It was John Woo, Star Trek, Army of Darkness, and god knows what else thrown into a blender to create something fresh and hilarious. Back issues are difficult to find, but well worth the hunt! Ebay is the answer…

In recent years, Schrab has moved on to short films. ROBOT BASTARD, Rob’s first venture into moviemaking, is a great romp though all that is cool. Check it out at

After ROBOT BASTARD came the Adventures of Ringwald and Molly, a miracle of “drawless animation” (AKA puppets).

Ringwald the pompus alligator and Molly the silly spider muddle their way through a ramshackle universe full of danger, excitement, and pornography. Episodes can be viewed at

A DVD-R of the collected episodes is available for sale at the Robot Bastard link. It’s well worth the money. Trust me.

Rob’s current venture is Twigger’s Holiday, which can also be viewed at Channel101 site. This creator is on the rise, keep your eye on him!

Also, visit the musicians of Irritating Rainbow at

Good tunes to blast space mummies by.

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