singers/guitar needed for D0C’s new project

Hey all. This is a special announcement to find singers and guitarists to work with D0C on his new music project.

But first VisualNoiz news for Spring Equinox in T-6 Days

Jason’s still finishing up Too Dead To Die. I posted some Too Dead To Die desktop backgrounds at the website for the film We may have some rough scenes posted on the site on Tuesday when Jason comes out to Detroit. But don’t hold your breath. He is supposed to bring me the footage of my father as a zombie attacking me as a gangster. Funny stuff.

I’ve been busy @ UI assisting editorial and effects work on some new Lincoln commercial spots as well as learning how to use discreet Smoke (editing) and Combustion (compositing/animation) software in my free time. The remaining 3 hours a week that I’m not working, sleeping or learning new stuff I’m starting to put together a cast and crew for a DV feature. However… I’m considering scraping the existing project to start a whole new (SHORTER) script from scratch to avoid compromising the integrity of The Next Breath to be able to shoot it inexpensively now. Basically, I’ve been cutting out scenes and re-writing others to be able to shoot it at available locations. I think I’d rather put it on the backburner AGAIN and shoot it when I’ve got some money to play with, unless we do a vigilante filmmaking escapade and overtake a hospital floor so I don’t have to pay $3000 a day to use a real one.

I haven’t decided what I want to do. Just keep faith that you’ll know shortly after I do. I now have access to 4 DV cameras so I NEED to shoot something. The gear is ready… all I need is some content, time and a little luck.

OK so for the special notice…my boy D0C is looking for musicians to get together with. You may know of D0C from the multimedia we’ve posted @ or his own site He’s up-and-coming, and if you stay tuned you can say “I knew all about D0C before he was famous.”

Now I hand you over to D0C…


Noise Tank wants you to sing!

so there is this project ive got going.

i call it noise tank.

think squarepusher puts on a nofx t-shirt and produces the next hanson album for an anime soundtrack.

*sigh* but noise tank needs some singers

male and female

lots of singers

the more the merrier

oh and guitar players too.

its not a performing band.

its not even really a band at all.

its like alot of different people from different scenes and backgrounds, getting together, and making really great twisted ass, poppy rock music

there’s going to only be maybe two or three people per track, plus me (as the producer). but when the record is done, theres gonna be like 15 people on the credits.

some of the people so far involved include members of: Short Of 1st, Alucard, The Weakend. Some cats from labels like: Ghostly International, Planet Mu, and my label, Focus Media.

so far there are a few songs done, and triple that “in progress.”

We often rotate the free noise tank track available @

if any of this even moderately interests you, please email me at

+5 cool point if you can sing

+10 cool points if you can sing like the flaming lips

+15 cool points if you can play guitar too

+100 cool points if you have a line 6 head 😉

[+250 cool points from Dan if you know what a line 6 head is -dan]




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