the MMIV cometh

auld lang VisualNoiz

Happy New Year! MMIV is here. This is probably one of the sexier pronounced roman numeral years we’ll have for a while. Everything so far this millenia has sounded like “ME” which isn’t a sexy phrase at all.

Many have asked me, ‘Dan, why is the VisualNoiz fanclub newsletter always about you? Where’s Jason? Why doesn’t he post any news?’

Well believe me, I ask the very same thing a lot myself. But it’s not time to rip on Jason. It’s not time to throw blame on why we have lagged in website hits. It’s not time to say “Where’s your finished movie at, Jason?”

If I’m keeping an eye on my partner, then I’m not concentrating on what I’m doing myself. It’s time to let Jason go.

Now before you think that we’re breaking up, realize we’re talking here about a cosmic force, not a relationship. He’s got my camera now, there’s no telling what will happen by the time he’s done. He’s unstoppable. He commands zombies. Jason will do just fine.

Now looking at my partner go I again notice that I should stop keeping an eye on him. Next to him, I’m not moving. Have I released anything new of significance since 1999? multimedia and local band music videos aside, I have given you people nothing.

The re-edit of Two Chez was my last official completed vehicle of entertainment longer than 4 minutes. That makes me sick…I was still at GVSU! I’m pathetic.

Well, It’s time to stop standing still. (A little “Crowd Control” reference for my Phish Phamily, gotta love the new songs!)

Since Jason’s got the camera that means its my time to focus on pre-production. If I had the camera instead of him , I would probably do some exterior location shots for a holiday tale in my head I would like to tell you all in November. Tentativly titled Christmas in Detroit, it’s sort of a Kill Bill meets Charles Dickens soire.

As my time is freeing up from my insane work schedule as of late. I begin to sort out the possibilities of how to occupy my time. Completing at least one new animation and planning my next movie are definately in order. Do I resurrect an unfinished project or start fresh on something I haven’t written yet?

After I make a few choice journeys to Clio, MI where I typically hide from the noise of the world and kick back on Eric Wood’s 8 or so acres. I will know the answer to that question.

Eric’s is where creativity hits me best, among nature in his comfortable home. (His wife’s abilities as a Muse are definately a key factor.)

So let Jason have the camera. I don’t need it. Who needs expensive equipment anyway. I was born with all the equipment I need. If I shave my head, I wonder if my ideas would get out quicker. If only my body has the stamina for me to fulfill my dreams. It’s like when you have so much to talk about that you stumble over your words. There’s so much I need to let out I am mumbling creative ideas from my brain and stumbling over myself, drunk on a dream.

Always, with an ulterior motive, I must bring to your attention something:

You must go see Detroit’s 2004 North American International Auto Show to see the animations and edits of the visual effects artists I work under: Animator Chris Wirth, Editor Darryl Bartlett and the Queen of Type, Lori Woods, as well as other talents from Universal Images.

My portion you will see most easily will be those firemen on the Ford screen. I was Cameraman. What I typically do during a day doesn’t show up on screen so much, I help make the process go smoothly with the video decks, computers and clients.

The public show opens the 9th at Cobo Hall in Detroit. We did the 110 foot wide Ford thing and the swanky GM stuff. I even helped an out of towner from LA fix the Nissan thing, he had some technical difficulties at first, but a good day pretty much starts out with some sort of techinical difficulty.

If you see anything that sucks, we didn’t touch it, I promise you.

more info: NAIAS.COM

less info: BBP.COM

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