Marvin The Robot – John Henry Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

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The first video from the upcoming Marvin The Robot album, The Loveiathan. Originally aired on April 23rd 2009 at the Wexner Center. The event was organized by the University Area Enrichment Association and Ohio State’s Digital Union. The John Lennon educational bus collaborated with Gidget to create their own music video. This video was part of a showcase of 614 produced videos that book ended the Gidget/Lennon video.

Music/Starring Marvin The Robot & The Marvin The Robot Experience
Director Lori Abel
Produced/Editted Miles Curtiss
Casting/Location Catherine Girves
Camera Op Melissa Bontempo
Art Director Tattooed Elizabeth

Sponsored by Summit On 16th, FreeGeek Columbus, and The University Area Enrichment Association.

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