Armina Project – 1930s/1950s – Detroit Church Group and the Gedikian crew 29 views

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Armenian Congregational Church of Detroit , Sunday school kids 1950s

Jumping from the 1930s to 1950s on this one, we’ve got some Detroit church kids and the Gedikian boys
Narrated by Armina Boujoulian
Containing photographs with Doris Krikorian, Raymond Boujoulian, Ken Khezarjian, Janice Barile, Olivia Johnson, Mardirosian, Harry Tomasian, Sister Tomasian, Aram Gedikian, Garabed “Charley” Gedikian, Sarkis Steponian, Onig “John” Jernukian,

The Armina Project
Recorded between 1991 to 2005
Crew: Dan Boujoulian, Doris Krikorian

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