Month: December 2012

VisualNoiz supports Eric Rosner kickstarter project “Gilded Age of Manhattan art. 1880-1910”

I have been a big fan of Eric Rosner since I first came across him a couple of years ago. He has a kickstarter going on, check him out. Gilded Age of Manhattan art. 1880-1910 Eric writes; “During the period of 1880-1910 known as the Gilded Age, New York City had become the city of […]

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Too Dead To Die to play at Wealthy Theatre, Grand Rapids

The legendary Grand Rapids independent horror/comedy! 13 years in the making! Starring most of West Michigan (and some of the East!) TOO DEAD TO DIE is a kick-your-guts-out horror holocaust! Lowlife mobsters battle the living dead! Who wins? The audience!!! TRAILER HERE: Made for a budget that wouldn’t cater one hour of a Michael Bay […]

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