Happy National 227 Day

It’s 2-27, or National 227 Day here at VisualNoiz.

Obscuro Appreciato normally shouts out to the obscure, but since it’s been a long time since the cast has been in the limelight, we salute you, Cast of 227! Happy 227 Day!!!

We salute you:

Marla Gibbs
Hal Williams
Alaina Reed Hall
Jackée Harry
Helen Martin
Regina King
Kia Goodwin
Curtis Baldwin
Countess Vaughn
Toukie A. Smith
Stoney Jackson
Barry Sobel
Paul Winfield

and of course, the composer of the theme, Ray Colcord.

Free MP3 download – Rock Rebel Rising @ Arlene’s Grocery, Manhattan NYC

Rock Rebel Rising captivated the crowd at Arlene’s Grocery tonight. Dy’ari came through with another stunning performance. Backed by his amazing band of rebels, these guys never disappoint.

Download 15 Minutes in the Spotlight [7MB]
Shine [7.2MB]
Parting the Waters [5.2MB]
Beautiful Darkness [5.1MB]
Deliverance [5.8MB]
or Go Asshole Go [9.8MB] from this live performance.

Full Setlist: Beginning of the End, Bow Your Head, 15 Minutes in the Spotlight, Shine, Parting the Waters, Beautiful Darkness, Deliverance, Go Asshole Go!