Obscuro Appreciato salutes Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity

You know…

Spirit and Opportunity are still up there working on Mars.

Years after they were supposed to have gone silent these two boys still talk to home base.. well Spirit it taking a nap to conserve power…

I appreciate you JPL and NASA! Wow. What engineering on those two droids.

MP3 Download – Black 47 – Fire of Freedom Set at Connolly’s Irish Pub

On November 20th, 2010, Black 47 celebrated Fire of Freedom by performing the album in it’s entirety

Maria’s Wedding > Rockin’ The Bronx [18.4MB]
Fanatic Heart [18.4MB]
Funky Ceili (Bridie’s Song) – MISSING, Played for encore
Fire Of Freedom [7.9MB]
James Connolly [7.9MB]
Livin’ In America > Banks Of The Hudson [6.4MB]
Maria’s Wedding > 40 Shades Of Blue [7.1MB]
New York, NY 10009
Sleep Tight In New York City/Her Dear Olf Donegal
Black 47
Livin’ In America

Jason Roth’s Sticky Fingers: The Movie

Jason Roth is finishing up Sticky Fingers

Check it out

Part 2

Part 3

Jason Roth at Michigan Film Festival

Jason is appearing at the Michigan Film Festival for the Thriller Chiller Saturday Night showings.

Here’s Jason on Fox 17 this week


And another piece on Thriller Chiller