Too Dead To Die Motion Picture Soundtrack

A mischevious compilation of undead murder ballads and hardcore criminality. Music inspired by the original motion picture Too Dead To Die.

Here’s a few sample tracks.
100 Million Ways To Die.mp3
by Incognegro

Submit To The Fist.mp3
by Captain Learn-A-Lot

No One Gets Out Alive.mp3
by Woofer/Tweeter

Jason Roth’s Too Dead To Die @ Thriller Chiller Festival

The rumors, and paid advertisements are true.

Too Dead To Die will play at Thriller Chiller Festival in Grand Rapids, MI.
Oct 25th is the day, so all you ghouls and zomboys better get out of your graves and make your way over to the Wealthy Street Theatre.

If you’re interested in a No-Frills Edition DVD, Bargain Basement is your ticket to home entertainment.

Send a note of interest to

Earlimart in New York City MP3 Download

Knitting Factory, Tribeca, New York City
October 2007

[OFFLINE Tracks awaiting band approval]