Ones and Zeroes – rough scene

I came across a partially edited scene for Ones and Zeroes, it was shot in 2003 while I had access to a particular location that only existed for a short while.

This will all have to be re-shot later when I continue work on this piece, but there are some funny moments that a few of you old school BBS nerds may enjoy.

Download/Watch (Quicktime required)

Natives of the New Dawn – 5th Ave Detroit

Natives of the New Dawn
@Detroit’s 5th Avenue

True song names forthcoming.
Set2 1 Victoria Reed Vocals [11 MB] OFFLINE
Set2 2 [22 MB] OFFLINE
Set 2 pt 3 [12 MB] OFFLINE
Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This [5.2 MB]
Thrill of the Hunt [6.4 MB] OFFLINE
Never Leave The Bar [6.4 MB]OFFLINE

The Strange @ Atwater Block Brewery Spin Magazine Party

Detroit, MI
Atwater Block Brewery
Superbowl XL Weekend

Marching On [6.4 MB]
National Anthem (Radiohead Cover)[7.8 MB]

In The Garden [4.8 MB]

In Drift Away[7.7 MB]