January 2006 Status Report

First to be released in 2006 will be Jason Roth’s Too Dead To Die, a feature length escapade into the mob world which becomes over-run by some monsters. How will they deal with it? You’ll have to check it out to find out.
It will have a limited release this Spring in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Liverpool, London, and Cardiff. Film festivals that Jason will attend to show the DVfilm will be announced at a later date. Most likely west coast this year and Ann Arbor next spring.

NTSC and PAL DVD versions of the movie will be available in the summer.
An “Extra Carnage” Special Edition DVD with 5.1 audio & director commentary may be around by 2007.

By summer we hope to have finished up two old lingering pieces, you can click on the these two to see how they are in the current state.

Bad Day [Flash Required] Animation
Protagonist loses his girlfriend, his job, gets robbed and all sorts of other crap, all before 10am. This version is the last one we uploaded before the hard drive crash. We had to start over and never really got back into it. Some scratch audio is here, that’s unfinished too.

Winners & Losers
[Quicktime Required] Live-Action/Animation
A look at how the government secretly uses the lottery system for it’s own agena.

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