Free MP3s from Detroit TasteFest

The VisualNoiz Boyz are pushing towards our self-imposed deadlines and are whipping up some entertainment for your viewing pleasure. It’s top secret stuff or I’d brag about it right here.

We are still looking at a Halloween release for Too Dead To Die.
Initial release in Detroit, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles & Minneapolis. If your town is not listed, and you know of a local theatre that allows independent movies, please let us know.

August 11th is the 3rd Anniversary of VisualNoiz, stay tuned for more on that later.

We must apologize for the pointless news announcement e-mailed earlier today. We can’t even blame that one on computers, it was human error. The message was supposed to post to the web-site only and not go to the mailing list, but one of us clicked something they shouldn’t have.

The e-mail earlier mentioned new MP3 downloads available. These were recorded in Detroit and Hamtramck during TasteFest and at the after party Friday night at the Belmont.

These are all posted to the multimedia index page at

If I had to choose favorites, they would be
The Hard Lessons – Inspired/Admired
Johnny Headband – Maneater
Los Lobos – La Bamba > Good Lovin’ > La Bamba
Los Lobos – Pawn Shop (Sublime Cover)

You may click on the artist of your choice below to bring up all songs from that set:

[Los Lobos – Main Stage]
[The Hard Lessons – Pure Detroit Stage]
[Haf/Life – Belmont]
[Johnny Headband – Belmont]
[The Hard Lessons – Belmont]

Reggie Bannister

This month’s Obscuro goes out to Reggie Bannister. Reggie is a wonderful character actor most prominently featured in the wonderful Phantasm films (The Star Wars of horror!) as Reggie the demon-killing ice cream man. In addition to being a Grade-A dwarf-blastin’ asswhomper, Reggie is a hell of a nice guy in person. This hardworking actor (and musician!) deserves some Appreciato!! Visit his webpage at

MP3 Download – Haf/Life – Hamtramck Belmont – TasteFest Afterparty

Brain Cold Sex [4 MB] OFFLINE
Buried Alive > Paranoid [7.4 MB] OFFLINE
Motor City Murder City [3.8 MB]
White Girl, Big Black Booty [3.9 MB]OFFLINE

MP3 Download – The Hard Lessons- Hamtramck Belmont – TasteFest Afterparty

Feedback Loop> Feel Allright [10.4 MB]
I Can’t Stand It [2.4 MB]
How It Is With Me [2.6 MB]
Gin’s Freestyle > Fit To Love You [5.2 MB]
Come Back To Me [8.7 MB]
Dance Commander (Electric Six) Tease > Inspired/Admired [2.9 MB]
Stop! Stop! Stop! [3.2 MB] (Tripped out, Hopped up, Countryfied similar to Erik Estrada Blues Enchilada version)

MP3 Download – Johnny Headband – Hamtramck Belmont – TasteFest Afterparty

Let’s Go To Dinner[8.4 MB]
Disco Inferno (Electric Six Cover)[6 MB]
** With Gin & The Anvil from The Hard Lessons **
Maneater (Hall & Oates Cover)[4.4 MB]
** With Gin & The Anvil from The Hard Lessons **

MP3 Download – Los Lobos – Detroit Comerica TasteFest – Main Stage

I Got Loaded [8 MB]
What’s Goin On? (Marvin Gaye Cover) [4.9 MB]
Good Morning Aztlan [4.4 MB]
Pawn Shop (Sublime Cover) [10 MB]
La Bamba > Good Lovin’ > La Bamba [7 MB]

MP3 Download – The Hard Lessons – Detroit Comerica Tastefest – Pure Detroit Stage

Fit To Love You [4 MB] ** NEW SONG **
Milk and Sugar > Allright [10 MB]

** Wind noises were un-avoidable due to weather conditions **