Reel Thing Film Festival

Hey, if you’re in or around Grand Rapids, check out the Reel Thing Film Festival next week, Feb 24-26. It showcases the work of West Michigan filmmakers 21 and under. Oh, I created the mascot, T-shirts, and did the Intro and Outro to the festival. Come check it out, and tell us what you think! For more info, check out

When VisualNoiz was just a twinkle in the eye of a time travelling hero

As we are entering our 7th year of friendship I have a treat for you all.

I think this very well may be the first electronic correspondence between Jason Roth and Dan Boujoulian.

It was January 1998 when I saw e-mail headers containing the e-mail address of Jason Roth, I had visited him a few times while he was editing Time Guy. He blew me away with his artistic use of audio and editing pace.

The e-mail name said Bojo the Angry Guatemalan! when I looked it up and I wasn’t even sure it was the right person. I sent the e-mail anyway.

On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Daniel J Boujoulian wrote:

Hi Bojo… is this Jason Roth? I had to leave before I got to see Time Guy ][, but I hear it wasn’t fully edited anyways, so when it’s all set let me know because i want to watch.


On Fri, 23 Jan 1998, Jason R Roth wrote:

Yeah it’s Jason Roth.
Sorry I took so long to answer this.
When I showed TG2 it wasn’t totally finished and was was missing almost all sounds and music- it still went over pretty well, which was encouraging. I’ll be having a showing of the first one along with this new sequel in Room 174 in a week or two along with a few other people’s stuff.

I’ll send out a mass Email when I know the date, plus I’ll try to put up posters in visible places.

Jason Roth

… and thus destiny would bring us to the present

Update Shmupdate

The long-delayed Dr. Ferro’s World of Science cartoon will be completed in time for the Kalamazoo Animation Festival ( deadline of March 1. It’s a great festival, be sure to check it out when May rolls around. Hopefull Dr. Ferro’s World of Science will be among the featured entries! Okay, about that Too Dead to Die trailer I mentioned a month or so ago- it will be posted this Sunday, or Dan sez there will be severe consequences to myself and my loved ones. He’s not a man to trifle with, expect the new trailer Sunday! I am planning a series of shorts specifically for the Visualnoiz site, more as it happens.

Ernest Borgnine – The Legend Lives On

This month’s Obscuro Appreciato goes out to dependable character actor Ernest Borgnine. Borgnine has been appearing in films since the 50s, breaking into the big time with his Oscar-winning turn as the title character in Marty. He’s played roles big and small since then, standouts including The Dirty Dozen, The Vikings, The Wild Bunch, The Poseidon Adventure, The Devil’s Rain, Emperor of the North Pole, Baseketball, plus memorable guest apprearances on The Simpsons and Spongebob Squarepants (as Mermaid Man!) At age 88, Borgnine continues to act in all manner of films and tv shows and is writing an autobiography tentatively titled “I Don’t Wanna Start a Fire, I Just Wanna Keep My Nuts Warm.” (He also appears in Angry Chair in animated form, check it!) Bravo Borgnine!