working on audio for Bad Day. i will most likely be editing it in smoke.

can ya believe it?

recording more scenes soon.

d0c is confused. he may not be doing so much in this one.

I guess you need to have a direction to give someone a direction to go with in a piece. who knew?

Greg Colton – GVSU Alumni

i sure do like that Greg Colton.

this fine man has done a lot for himself in the last few months and we are totally super proud of our GVSU alumni brother.

If anyone deserves a jumping “Woot Woot!” it’s him so get your tennis shoes on.

Greg we salute you. Obscuro appreciato!! Individuo di famiglia direttore assistente.


Greg will be directing some episodes of the Family Guy, so watch for them soon.

News to you?

Too Dead To Die coming in July.

Bad Day is on it’s way

Next Breath; Don’t hold your breath

OH I totally thought of the coolest web site opener

but we have to make it first so just wait ok?