VisualNoiz holiday greetings

Warmest Thanksgiving holiday greetings from the VisualNoiz boyz.

We hope you all stay safe and enjoy the time off from work.

I [Dan] am off to the East coast for some live music action with Phish for their 20th anniversary in Boston. Thanksgiving will be spent in New York City before trekking off to Philadelphia, Albany and then two days in Boston. Production wise, I’ve been assisting Chris Wirth, Lori Woods and Darryl Bartlett do a huge oversized Ford videowall display for the 2004 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. They’ve moved our due date up to January 4th, so I have had no social life, nor will I have one once I get back from this 6 day trip.

Jason is busy working hard on the finishing touches of Too Dead To Die, he’s also been doing sidework production with Kelloggs and making robotic Colonel Sanders cartoons for a KFC contest.

You may not hear from us before 2004, so lets just say Happy New Year right now, shall we?? 2004 BABY.. OWWWWW. It seems like just yesterday I was daydreaming out the window making up a reality where I was a fireman, astronaut or time traveller… no wait.. it doesn’t seem like yesterday… that WAS yesterday!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Too Dead To Die in 2004! Are you ready? Germany is…

VisualNoiz tritt Esel in Deutschland

Zu Tot Zu Sterben (Too Dead To Die)

Geschrieben und geleitet durch Jason Roth

Hat die Hauptrolle:

John Gleason, Dane Wilson, Dan Boujoulian, Matt Kleiss & Meep

Der mayhem schlägt January 8, 2004


Melcherstr. 81 /


D-48149 Muenster

more info as always at as this story develops.

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