Four Deep @ The Berkley Front, September 27 2003

Four Deep rocked the funk out at The Berkley Front, here’s two tracks from the set

[I’m Your Boogie Man (KC and the Sunshine Band Cover) ] 5.2MB

[A New One ] 3.6MB

Halloween Special – 2003

Something special is coming for you this Halloween. Something the world has lacked for a very long time. In the tradition of the classic The Mad Cow Incident, Bargain Basement Productions and VisualNoiz bring you a story no one else dared tell you.

The First VisualNoiz contest.


You, yes you, could be have the honor of breathing the same air as Jason Roth himself. The first 25 fans to Click Here and fill out this ultra-hip digital version of a post card in the mail will be eligible for the chance to be one of 2 lucky fans to WATCH the Halloween Special before it’s premiere.


Jason Roth has final say one which randomly chosen contestants are the winners.

Void Where Prohibited. Contest rules may change at any moment. Actual size may vary. Batteries not included. Must be over 18 to participate in after party events.

Contest open only to Michigan residents or strippers from Canada.

Adrian Lamo

This Obscuro Appreciato is not film/video related but with the Hacker Love Story “Ones and Zeroes” coming from Visual Noiz in the future, it does seem fitting.

Adrian Lamo

We salute you!

Adrian is a hacker extrodinaire who’s “victims” have included the NY Times and Yahoo. he gets in, he gets out, he doesn’t really mess with your stuff too bad. I love the fact that he added himself as a contact for the NYTimes with expertise in “computer hacking, national security, communications intelligence”

Now that is the way to get some freelance work!!! add yourself to contact lists…

Adrian, if you ever read this, hit me up, and you can add ‘film consultant’ to your resume.