Month: February 2003

Tracey Walter

First, we must salute Tracey Walter. You may remember the illustrious Mr. Walter as Bob the Goon in Tim Burton’s Batman, Conan’s wacky thief sidekick in Conan the Destroyer, or most famously as the trash-burning sage Miller in the seminal classic Repo Man. TW never fails to amuse with his scuzzy antics. City Slickers Silence […]

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Announcing Obscuro Appreciato

According to the ill-informed Madonna Magazine…Stay tuned for Mr. Chump goes Berzerk and The Guy Saga, coming soon…. In addition to bastardizing the names of our flicks, they also know how to horribly mis-pronounce VisualNoiz. (they say Noiz like the oi in Noir Leather.) **SPECIAL THING**There is a new segment on Obscuro AppreciatoIt is […]

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