New Design today. Still using the old artwork (heheeh) but new layout of the HTML.

Wax Philosophical on me and comment your thoughts.


Jason and I worked on compositing the animated Meep into live action stuff.

No wonder this crap is taking so long. I think we got about 30 seconds done all weekend.

Love that animation time table!!! November 8th premiere.. WHAT?!? Try February 8th. Don’t quote me on that.

Jason has postponed the Too Dead To Die release again. More details to come.

New Multimedia online:

The original, Mr. Chimp
Kung Fu Death Man

Jason is moving the TDTD release date to 11/22. Same bat time, same bat place.

The new Trailer is up.

View it now. (15MB)

No dice on the new trailer. The deck jason used must be DVCAM and my camera is MiniDV so hopefully this deck at my work will read it.