The Twilight Babies

Free MP3 Download – Twilight Babies – Buddha Lounge, Detroit, MI

Set 1
Freebird > Highway of Fire(7.6 MB) OFFLINE
Ballad of Chinook (4.8 MB)
Set 2
Dust (6.9 MB)

Piper Cried > You Are My Sunshine(12.2MB) OFFLINE
Forlorn (7.5 MB)

Jason is coming back out next weekend. I have until Friday to figure out what artwork we’ve lost and what still exists. I’ve been in denial since the data loss but I have to move on and start it again. I haven’t exactly had time to deal with it since my birthday, and now my workplace is moving and my whole life is in a flux… maybe I’m trying to do too much at once. Time will tell.

Makkafroi @ The Well

Live Music MP3 Download of
Makkafroi in Detroit hometown favorite The Well

Old Shoe (2.1 MB)

Fill Up The Room (1.5 MB)

When Are You Coming Home? (2.4 MB)

MP3 Download – Cool Dry Place @ New Way Bar (Final Performance)

Detroit lost an amazing act when Cool Dry Place stopped performing shows and recording music.

For You > In The Air Tonight


Whatever Happened To You?

I do have more from this show, if you are a CDP fan and want more just let me know

Also check out the show from summer 2002 at the Magic Bag