Month: July 2002

MP3 Download – Cool Dry Place @ The Magic Bag, Ferndale

Free MP3s Cool Dry Place – Live at the Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI Aim (2.8MB) When Doves Cry (4MB) For You (7.5MB) Lost that Loving Feeling (4.5MB) Prayer (2.6MB) Same Way (3.2MB) Storm (5MB) Without a Word (3.9MB)

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Mokum @ The Magic Bag

MP3 Download – Mokum – Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI Jeff Ehrinpreis’ Unnamed Cello Masterpiece (8.8MB) Jeff now performs with The Definition

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Dan Boujoulian on Turntables – Rosanna & Kris’s Apt. 7/4/02

I played some records for my friends in Cirque Du Soleil on Independence Day in 2002. I recorded it all to my new DAT Tascam DAP-1 recorder. 1 & 2 were warm-up tracks. 3. Morning Bell (Both Versions) – Radiohead 4. Piper – Phish 5. Thoughts and Words – The Byrds 6. John The Baptist>Slide […]

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